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We are truly sad to inform you that Berlinka Gallery café & bistro closed down permanently on December 2020. The reason is the ongoing reconstruction of Slovak National Gallery which covers the Esterhazy Palace and therefore also Berlinka premises.

We want to say thank you to all of our customers, friends and family for the encouraging support through the recent difficult times. We are also grateful to our employees who helped us with many unforgettable events taking place in Berlinka.

It was worth it!

Berlinka’s beloved customers, we genuinely thank you all, see you soon in better times!


A stone's throw from the Danube, a stone's throw from the centre....
Over 125 years ago the Berlin family bought The Café Hungária from Mr Orbane and renamed it Café Berlin. It was situated amongst rambling cafes, where local doctors, officers, and the cream of Viennese society would come and meet after disembarking the tram at the last stop from Vienna. Over the years the space has been used for various other purposes, but we wanted to take it back to its original form. Hints of the past can still be found inside the building along with the same passion for good coffee and quality food.

Photo from history

Cafe Berlin on old postcard

Photo from Berlinka

Cafe Berlinka now.

Berlinka is so much more today. It is not only a traditional old fashioned cafe with high ceilings and thonet chairs, but also a bistro with a peaceful and friendly atmosphere offering a modern "feeling" of gastronomy. Not only is it the café of the Slovak National Gallery, but it is also a social space for various types of events, such as book launches, workshops, discussions, lectures, film screenings, concerts, and parties.


fotka šéfkuchára

My philosophy: "Healthy and Authentic."

As standard, we always use fresh ingredients, from herbs to meat. We use, where available, Slovak agricultural products such as eggs, meat, cheese and are aiming to achieve zero waste through utilising all of the raw materials. We are happy to try new trends in cuisine whilst maintaining a clear style with a select choice of high quality dishes. There is always something for vegetarians, vegans and meat lovers alike, either way to complete a perfect experience with us, indulge yourself by tasting one of our delicious homemade cakes.

Miroslav Práznovský, cheff

Catering & event

Always a pleasurable experience.
That’s what our team can offer you. We pride ourselves on ensuring the food not only tastes great but also looks amazing. It does not matter, whether it is a simple coffee break, a friends reunion, a corporate event, a wedding, birthday party or any celebration. We can provide tailor made; brunches, banquets, tasting menus, multi course a la carte dinners with silver service or creative pop-up dining experiences all to suit your exact needs.

In collaboration with florists and event planners we can decorate tables and prepare the required layout and space, needed for any event, whether it be seating for 70-100 people or standing room with high tables for up to 150 people. We happily provide a large stage area where bands or DJ´s can perform on/moderators can host from. If you wish we can also provide Berlinka´s catering in the venue of your choice or a venue selected for you.

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Café Berlinka

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